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Mischkristalle von Klinoptilolith-Heulandit und Harmotom- Phillipsit aus dem Basalt von Weitendorf, Steiermark.
Th. Armbruster, M. Wenger, Th. Kohler.
Mitt. Abt. Miner. Landesmuseum Joanneum, Heft 59, 13-18, 1991.

A Combined Temperature Dependent 57Fe Mössbauer and Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction Study of Synthetic Almandine: Evidence for the Gol'danskii-Karyagin Effect.
C.A. Geiger, Th. Armbruster, G.A. Lager, K. Jiang, W. Lottermoser, G. Amthauer.
Phys. Chem. Minerals. 19, 121-126, 1992.

H2O ordering and superstructures in armenite, BaCa2Al6Si9O30.2H2O: A single-crystal X-ray and TEM study.
Th. Armbruster, M. Czank.
American Mineralogist, 77, 422-430, 1992.

Dispersion in Low Albite: High Accuracy Spindle Stage Measurements between 480 and 632 nm.
Th. Armbruster, V. Bermanec.
Microscope 40, 21-30, 1992.

Crystal structure of SrMn2[Si2O7](OH)2.H2O, a new mineral of the lawsonite type.
Th. Armbruster, R. Oberhänsli, V. Bermanec.
Eur. J. Mineral. 4, 17-22, 1992.

Re- and dehydration of laumontite: a single crystal X-ray study at 100 K.
Th. Armbruster, Th. Kohler.
N. Jb. Miner. Mh. 25, H. 9, 385-397, 1992

Crystal structure refinement of a spinelloid in the system Fe3O4Fe2SiO4.
C.R. Ross II, Th. Armbruster, D. Canil.
American Mineralogist, 77, 507-511, 1992.

Single-crystal X-ray structure study of synthetic pyrope almandine garnets at 100 and 293 K.
Th. Armbruster, C.A. Geiger, G.A. Lager.
American Mineralogist, 77, 512-521, 1992.

Applications and Limitations of the Ionic Potential Model with Empirically Derived Ion-Specific Repulsion Parameters.
M. Kunz, Th. Armbruster.
Acta Cryst. B48, 609-622, 1992

Kristallchemie und Bildungsbedingungen von Nb- und Ta-Mineralen der Columbitgruppe in granitischen Pegmatiten.

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