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Tuzlaite, NaCa[B5O8(OH)2].3H2O2, a new mineral with a pentaborate sheet structure from the Tuzla salt mine, Bosnia and Hercegowina.
V. Bermanec, Th Armbruster, D. Tibljas, D. Sturman, G. Kniewald.
American Mineralogist 79, 562-569, 1994.

Crystal structure and optical properties of Na- and Pb-exchanged heulandite-group zeolites.
M.E. Gunter, Th. Armbruster, Th. Kohler, Ch. R. Knowles.
American Mineralogist 79, 675-682, 1994.

Crystal chemistry and optics of bazzite from Furkabasistunnel (Switzerland).
Th. Armbruster, E. Libowitzky, L. Diamond, M. Auernhammer, P. Bauerhansl. Ch. Hoffmann, E. Irran, A. Kurka, H. Rosenstingl.
Mineralogy and Petrology 52, 113-126, 1995.

Crystal chemistry of Pb- and REE-rich piemontite from Nezilovo, Macedonia.
V. Bermanec, Th. Armbruster, R. Oberhänsli, V. Zebec.Schweiz.
Mineral. Petrogr. Mitt. 74, 321-328, 1994.

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