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A single-crystal infrared spectroscopic and x-ray diffraction study of untwinned san benito perovskite containing OH groups.
A. Beran, E. Libowitzky, Th. Armbruster.
Canadian Mineralogist 34, 803-908, 1996.

Structure refinement of (001) disordered gaudefroyite Ca4Mn3+3 [BO3)3(CO3)O3]: Jahn-Teller-distortion in edge-sharing chains of Mn3+O6 octahedra.
Ch. Hoffmann, Th. Armbruster, M. Kunz.
Eur. J. Mineral. 9, 7-19, 1997.

Scanning force microscopy on albite cleavage surfaces.
D. Nyfeler, R. Berger, Ch. Gerber.
Schweiz. Mineral. Petrogr. Mitt. 77, 21-26, 1997.

Site occupation and electric field gradient in acentric neptunite-measurements and evaluations concerning powder- and single crystal - Mössbauer spectroscopy and x-ray diffractometry.
W. Lottermoser, K. Forcher, G. Amthauer, M. Kunz, Th. Armbruster.
Phys. Chem. Minerals, 24, 2-6, 1997.

X-ray single-crystal structure refinement of Na,K-rich laumontite, originally designated 'primary leonhardite'.
J. Stolz, Th. Armbruster.
N. Jb. Miner. Mh. 3, 131-144, 1997.

Na, K. Rb, and Cs exchange in heulandite single crystals: Diffusion kinetics.
P. Yang, J. Stolz, Th. Armbruster, M.E. Gunter.
American Mineralogist, 82, 517-525, 1997.

Mn3Al2Si3O12spessartine and Ca3A12Si3O12 grossular garnet: Structural dynamic and thermodynamic properties.
C.A. Geiger, Th. Armbruster.
American Mineralogist, 82, 740-747, 1997.

The temperature-dependent P21/c - C2/c phase transition in the clinopyroxene kanoite MnMg[Si2O6]: a single-crystal X-ray and optical study.
Th. Arlt, Th. Armbruster.
Eur. J. Mineral. 9, 953-964, 1997.

Orthorhombic Jahn-Teller distortion and Si-OH in mozartite, CaMn3+O[SiO3OH]: A single-crystal X-ray, FTIR, and structure modeling study.
D. Nyfeler, Ch. Hoffmann, Th. Armbruster, M. Kunz, E. Libowitzky.
American Mineralogist, 82, 841-848, 1997.

Acentric structure (P3)of bechererite, Zn7Cu(OH)13[SiO(OH)3SO4].
Ch. Hoffmann, Th. Armbruster, G. Giester.
American Mineralogist, 82, 1014-1018, 1997.

Proton disorder in dehydrated hemimorphite - IR spectroscopy and X-ray structure refinement at low and ambient temperatures.
E. Libowitzky, Th. Kohler, Th. Armbruster, G.R. Rossman.
Eur. J. Mineral. 9, 803-810, 1997.

Examples of static disorder and twinning in mineral structures.
Ch. Hoffmann.
Dissertation 1997.

Stress Situations in Mineral Structures: Consequences on Reactivity and Atomic Ordering.
D. Nyfeler.
Dissertation 1997.

Clinotobermorite, Ca5[Si3O8(OH)]2.4 H2O - Ca5[Si6O17]. 5 H2O, a natural C-S-H(I) type cement mineral: determination of the substructure.
C. Hoffmann, Th. Armbruster.
Z. Krist. 212, 864-873, 1997.

Hydrogen Bonding and Jahn-Teller Distortion in Groutite, (-MnOOH, and Manganite, (-MnOOH, and Their Relations to the Manganese Dioxides Ramsdellite and Pyrolusite.
Th. Kohler, Th. Armbruster.
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 133, 486-500, 1997. (full text - pdf)

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