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S.V. Krivovichev and T. Armbruster
The crystal structure of jonesite, Ba2(K,Na)[Ti2(Si5Al)O18(H2O)](H2O)n: first example of titanosilicate with
porous double layers.
American Mineralogist, 89, 314-318, 2004.(full text - pdf)

J. Brugger, S.V. Krivovichev, P. Berlepsch, N. Meisser, St. Ansermet and T. Armbruster
Sprigitte, Pb3[(UO2)6O8(OH)2](H2O)3, a new mineral with beta-U3O8-type sheets:
Description and crystal structure.
American Mineralogist, 89, 339-347, 2004.(full text - pdf)

P. Simoncic and T. Armbruster
Peculiarity and defect structure of the natural and synthetic zeolite mordenite: A single-crystal X-ray study.
American Mineralogist, 89, 421-431, 2004.(full text - pdf)

P. Simoncic and T. Armbruster
Se incorporated into zeolite mordenite-Na: a single-crystal X-ray study.
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 71 (2004) 185-98.(full text - pdf)

N.N. Pertsev, W. Schreyer, T. Armbruster, H.-J. Bernhardt and O. Medenbach
Alumino-magnesiohulsite, a new member of the hulsite group, in kotoite marble from east of Verkhoyansk,
Sakha-Yakutia, Russia.
Eur. J. Mineral. 2004, 16, 151-161.(full text - pdf)

T. Armbruster, N. Döbelin, A. Peretti, D. Günther, E. Reusser and B. Grobéty
The crystal structure of painite CaZrB[Al9O18] revisited.
American Mineralogist, 89, 610-613, 2004.(full text - pdf)

T. Armbruster and A. Feenstra
Lithium in nigerite-group minerals.
Eur. J. Mineral. 2004, 16, 247-254.(full text - pdf)

S.V. Krivovichev , T. Armbruster and W. Depmeier
Crystal structures of Pb8O5(AsO4)2 and Pb5O4(CrO4), and review of PbO-related
structural units in inorganic compounds.
J. Solid State Chem. 177, 2004, 1321-1332.(full text - pdf)

S.V. Krivovichev, T. Armbruster, N.I. Organova, P.C. Burns, M.V. Seredkin and N.V. Chukanov
Incorporation of sodium into the chlorite structure:
the crystal structure of glagolevite, Na(Mg,Al)6[Si3AlO10](OH,O)8.
American Mineralogist, 89, 1138-1141, 2004.(full text - pdf)

W. Schreyer, H.-J. Bernhardt, A.-M. Fransolet, T. Armbruster
End-member ferrian kanonite: an andalusite phase with one Al fully replaced by (Mn, Fe)3+ in a quartz vein
from the Ardennes mountains, Belgium, and its origin.
Contrib. Mineral. Petrol. (2004) 147: 276-287.(full text - pdf)

S.V. Krivovichev, V.N. Yakovenchuk, T. Armbruster, Y. Mikhailova and Y.A. Pakhomovsky
Clinobarylite, BaBe2Si2O7:. structure refinement, and revision of symmetry and physical properties.
N. Jb. Miner. Mh., 8, 2004, 373-384.(full text - pdf)

S.V. Krivovichev, V.N. Yakovenchuk, T. Armbruster, N. Döbelin, P. Pattison, H.-P. Weber and W. Depmeier
Porous titanosilicate nanorods in the structure of yukosporite,
(Sr,Ba)2K4(Ca,Na)14( ,Mn,Fe){(Ti,Nb)4(O,OH)4[Si6O17]2[Si2O7]3}(H2O,OH)n,
resolved using synchrotron radiation.
American Mineralogist, 89, 1561-1565, 2004.(full text - pdf)

S.V. Krivovichev, T. Armbruster, W. Depmeier
One-dimensional lone electron pair micelles in the crystal structure of Pb5(SiO4)(VO4)2.
Materials Research Bulletin 39 (2004) 1717-1722.(full text - pdf)

S.V. Krivovichev, V.N. Yakovenchuk, T. Armbruster, Y.A. Pakhomovsky, H.-P. Weber and W. Depmeier
Synchrotron X-ray diffraction study of the structure of shafranovskite, K2Na3(Mn,Fe,Na)4[Si9(O,OH)27](OH)2.nH2O, a rare manganese phyllosilicate from the Kola peninsula, Russia.
American Mineralogist, 89, 1816-1821, 2004.(full text - pdf)

T. Armbruster, S.V. Krivovichev, T. Weber, E. Gnos, N.N. Organova, V.N. Yakovenchuk, and Z.V. Shlyukova
Origin of diffuse superstructure reflections in labuntsovite-group minerals.
American Mineralogist, 89, 1655-1666, 2004.(full text - pdf)

S.V. Krivovichev, S.K. Filatov, T. Armbruster, and O.Yu. Pankratova
Crystal Structure of Cu(I)Cu(II)4O(SeO3)Cl5, a New Heterovalent Copper Compound.
Doklady Chemistry, Vol. 399, Part 1, 2004, pp. 226-228.
Translated from Doklady Akademii Nauk, Vol. 399, No. 3, 2004, pp. 356-358.(full text - pdf)

V. Popsavin, G. Benedekovic, M. Popsavin, V. Divijakovic and T. Armbruster
A total synthesis of (+)-oxybiotin from D-arabinose.
Tetrahedron 60(2004) 5225-5235.(full text - pdf)

P. Simoncic, T. Armbruster and P. Pattison
Cationic Thionin Blue in the Channels of Zeolite Mordenite: A Single-Crystal X-ray Study.
J. Phys. Chem. B 2004, 108, 17352-17360. (full text - pdf)

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