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N. Döbelin, L.Z. Reznitsky, E.V. Sklyarov, Th. Armbruster and O. Medenbach
Schreyerite, V2Ti3O9: New occurrence and crystal structure.
American Mineralogist, 91, 196-202, 2006. (full text - pdf)

E. Gnos and Th. Armbruster
Relationship among metamorphic grade, vesuvianite "rod polytypism," and vesuvianite composition.
American Mineralogist, 91, 862-870, 2006. (full text - pdf)

Y.P. Men'shikov, S.V. Krivovichev, Y.A. Pakhomovsky, V.N. Yakovenchuk, G.YU. Ivanyuk,
J.A. Mikhailova, Th. Armbruster and E.A. Selivanova
Chivruaiite, Ca4(Ti,Nb)5[(Si6O17)2[(OH,O)5]·13-14H2O, a new mineral from hydrothermal veins
of Khibiny and Lovozero alkaline massifs.
American Mineralogist, 91, 922-928, 2006. (full text - pdf)

J. Brugger, S.V. Krivovichev, N. Meisser, S. Ansermet and Th. Armbruster
Scheuchzerite, Na(Mn,Mg)9[VSi9O28(OH)](OH)3, a new single-chain silicate.
American Mineralogist, 91, 937-943, 2006. (full text - pdf)

Th. Armbruster, P. Bonazzi, M. Akasaka, V. Bermanec, Ch. Chopin, R. Gieré,
S. Heuss-Assbichler, A. Liebscher, S. Menchetti, Y. Pan and M. Pasero
Recommended nomenclature of epidote-group minerals.
Eur. J. Mineral. 2006, 18, 551. (full text - pdf)

B. Cenki-Tok, A. Ragu, Th. Armbruster, Ch. Chopin and O. Medenbach
New Mn- and rare-earth-rich epidote-group minerals in metacherts:
manganiandrosite-(Ce) and vanadoandrosite-(Ce).
Eur. J. Mineral. 2006, 18, 569. (full text - pdf)

E.S. Grew, Th. Armbruster, O. Medenbach, M.G. Yates and C. J. Carson
Stornesite-(Y), (Y, Ca)■2Na6(Ca,Na)8(Mg,Fe)43(PO4)36, the first terrestrial Mg-dominant
member of the fillowite group, from granulite-facies paragneiss in the Larsemann Hills,
Prydz Bay, East Antarctica.
American Mineralogist, 91, 1412-1424, 2006. (full text - pdf)

S.V. Krivovichev, D.Yu. Chernyshov, N. Döbelin, Th. Armbruster, V. Kahlenberg,
R. Kaindl, G. Ferraris, R. Tessadri and G. Kaltenhauser
Crystal chemistry and polytypism of tyrolite.
American Mineralogist, 91, 1378-1384, 2006. (full text - pdf)

E.V. Alekseev, S.V. Krivovichev, W. Depmeier, T. Armbruster, H. Katzke,
E.V. Suleimanov, E.V. Chuprunov
One-dimensional chains in uranyl tungstates: Syntheses and structures of
A8[(UO2)4(WO4)4(WO5)2] (A = Rb, Cs) and Rb6[(UO2)2O(WO4)4].
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 179 (2006) 2977–2987. (full text - pdf)

A.A. Zolotarev, Jr., S.V. Krivovichev, V.N. Yakovenchuk, Ya. A. Pakhomovsky,
N. I. Organova, and T. Armbruster
High Degree of Cationic Ordering in the Structure of a New Mineral of the Labuntsovite Group.
DOKLADY EARTH SCIENCES Vol. 410 No. 7 2006. (full text - pdf)

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