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Döbelin, N., Armbruster, Th. (2007).
Microporous titanosilicate AM-2: Rb-exchange and thermal behaviour.
Materials Research Bulletin 42, 113-125.(full text - pdf)

Galuskin, E.V., Galuskina, I.O., Stadnicka, K., Armbruster, Th., Kozanecki, M. (2007).
The crystal structure of Si-deficient, OH-substituted, boron-bearing vesuvianite from the Wiluy River, Sakha-Yakutia, Russia.
The Canadian Mineralogist 45, 239-248.(full text - pdf)

Grew, E.S., Armbruster, Th., Medenbach, O., Yates, M.G., Carson, C.J. (2007).
Tassieite, (Na,)Ca2(Mg,Fe2+,Fe3+)2(Fe3+,Mg)2(Fe2+,Mg)2(PO4)6.2H2O, a new hydrothermal wicksite-group mineral in fluorapatite nodules from granulite-facies paragneiss in the Larsemann Hills, Prydz Bay, East Antarctica.
The Canadian Mineralogist 45, 293-305.(full text - pdf)

Siidra, O.I., Krivovichev, S.V., Armbruster, Th., Depmeier, W. (2007).
Lead rare-earth oxyhalides: Syntheses and characterization of Pb6LaO7X (X = Cl, Br).
Inorg. Chem. 46, 1523-1525.(full text - pdf)

Leovac, V.M., Jovanovic, L.S., Divjakovic, V., Pevec, A., Leban, I., Armbruster, Th. (2007).
Transition metal complexes with thiosemicarbazide-based ligands. Part LIV. Nickel(II) complexes with pyridoxal semi- (PLSC) and thiosemicarbazone (PLTSC). Crystal and molecular structure of [Ni(PLSC)(H2O)3](NO3)2 and
Polyhedron 26, 49-58.(full text - pdf)

Grew, E.S., Armbruster, Th., Medenbach, O., Yates, M.G., Carson, C.J. (2007).
Chopinite, [(Mg,Fe)3](PO4)2, a new mineral isostructural with sarcopside, from a fluorapatite segregation in granulite-facies paragneiss, Larsemann Hills, Prydz Bay, East Antarctica.
Eur. J. Mineral. 19, 229-245.(full text - pdf)

Galuskin, E.V., Pertsev, N.N., Armbruster, Th., Kadiyski, M., Zadov, A.E.,
Galuskina, I.O., Dzierzanowski, P., Wrzalik, R., Kislov, E.V. (2007).
Dovyrenite Ca6Zr[Si2O7]2(OH)4 – a new mineral from skarned carbonate xenoliths in basic-ultrabasic rocks of the Ioko-Dovyren Massif, Northern Baikal Region, Russia.
Mineralogia Polonica 38, No. 1, 15-28.(full text - pdf)

Krivovichev, S.V., Pakhomovsky, Y.A., Ivanyuk, G.Y., Mikhailova, J.A., Men’shikov, Y.P., Armbruster, Th., Selivanova, E.A., Meisser, N. (2007).
Yakovenchukite-(Y),K3NaCaY2(Si12O30)(H2O)4, a new mineral from the Khibiny massif, Kola Peninsula, Russia: A novel type of octahedral-tetrahedral open-framework structure.
American Mineralogist 92, 1525-1530.(full text - pdf)

Brugger, J., Meisser, N., Krivovichev, S.V., Armbruster, Th., Favreau, G. (2007).
Mineralogy and crystal structure of bouazzerite from Bou Azzer, Anti-Atlas, Morocco: Bi-As-Fe nanoclusters containing Fe3+ in trigonal prismatic coordination.
American Mineralogist 92, 1630-1639.(full text - pdf)

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