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Ackermann, S., Lazic, B., Armbruster, T., Doyle, S., Grevel, K.D., Majzlan, J. (2009)
Thermodynamic and crystallographic properties of kornelite [Fe2(SO4)3 ~ 7.75H2O] and paracoquimbite [Fe2(SO4)3.9H2O].
American Mineralogist, 94, 1620-1628.. (full text - pdf)

Galuskin, E.V., Gazeev, V.M., Lazic, B., Armbruster, T., Galuskina, I.O., Zadov, A.E., Pertsev, N.N., Wrzalik, R., Dzierzanowski, P., Gurbanov, A.G., Bzowska, G. (2009)
Chegemite Ca7(SiO4)3(OH)2 – a new humite-group calcium mineral from the Northern Caucasus, Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia.
European Journal of Mineralogy, 21, 1045-1059.(full text - pdf)

Martucci, A., Parodi, I., Simoncic, P., Armbruster, T., Alberti, A. (2009)
Mobility of acidic protons in zeolites: A neutron diffraction study of D-heulandite.
Microporous Mesoporous Materials, 123, 15-20.(full text - pdf).

Krivovichev, S.V., Armbruster, T., Yakovenchuk, V.N. (2009)
The crystals structure of krivovichevite, Pb3[Al(OH)6](SO4)(OH).
Canadian Mineralogist, 47, 153-158.(full text - pdf)

Galuskina, I.O., Lazic, B., Armbruster, T., Galuskin, E.V., Gazeev, V.M., Zadov, A.E., Pertsev, N.N., Jezak, L., Wrzalik, R., Gurbanov, A.G. (2009)
Kumtyubeite Ca5(SiO4)2F2—A new calcium mineral of the humite group from Northern Caucasus, Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia.
American Mineralogist, 94, 1361-1370.(full text - pdf)

Pekov, I.V., Krivovichev, S.V., Zolotarev, A.A., Yakovenchuk, V.N, Armbruster, T., Pakhomovsky, Y.A. (2009)
Crystal chemistry and nomenclature of the lovozorite group.
European Journal of Mineralogy, 21, 1061-1071..(full text - pdf)

Armbruster, T., Galuskin, E.V., Reznitsky, L.Z., Sklyarov, E.V. (2009)
X-ray structural investigation of the oxyvanite (V3O5) – berdesinskiite (V2TiO5) series: V4+ substituting for octahedrally coordinated Ti4+.
European Journal of Mineralogy, 21, 885-891(full text - pdf)

Reznitsky, L.Z., Sklyarov, E.V., Armbruster, T., Ushchapovskaya, Z.V., Galuskin, E.V., Polekhovsky, Y.S., Barash, I.G. (2009) The new mineral oxyvanite V3O5 in metamorphic rocks of the Sludyanka complex (South Baikal region).
Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society, 138,Nr. 3, 70-81.(full text - pdf)

Gurzhy, V.V., Bessonov, A.A., Krivovichev, S.V., Tananaev, I.G., Armbruster, T., Myasoyedov, B.F. (2009)
Crystal Chemistry of selenates with mineral-like structures. VIII. Butlerite chains in the K(UO2)(SeO4)(OH)(H2O) structure. Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society, 138,Nr. 1, 130-136.(full text - pdf)

Ohkawa, M., Armbruster, T., Galuskin, E. (2009)
Structural investigation of low-symmetry vesuvianite collected from Tojyo, Hiroshima, Japan: Implications for hydrogarnet-like substitution.
Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences, 104, Nr. 2, 69-76..(full text - pdf)

Nagashima, M., Akasaka, M., Minakawa, T., Libowitzky, E., Armbruster, T. (2009)
Sursassite: Hydrogen bonding, cation order, and pumpellyite intergrowth.
American Mineralogist, 94, 1440-1449.(full text - pdf)

Armbruster, T. (2009) Zeolithe im Alttag. Schweizer Strahler, Nr.4, 15-21.(full text - pdf)

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